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Campus Bookstore

Access Codes for Connect for Education courses should be available at your campus bookstore. Most campus bookstores have a "no returns" policy on Access Codes that are already opened. If you are not sure if you purchased the correct Access Code, don't open it yet! The easiest way to check is to have the ISBN # with you. If you do purchase an Access Code and are not sure if it's the one you need, you can find the ISBN at the top of the respective Product page on our OnMusic site ( or in the list below:

OnMusic Appreciation, Third Edition: 978-0-9677747-8-7
OnMusic Fundamentals: 978-0-9779276-8-5
OnMusic History Survey: 978-0-9779276-9-2
OnMusic of the World: 978-0-9779276-5-4
OnMusic Jazz, Second Edition: 978-0-9839707-3-6
OnMusic Education for the Non-Music Major: 978-0-9677747-0-1
OnMusic Education for the Music Major: 978-0-9779276-7-8
OnMusic Education: An Introduction: 978-0-9779276-4-7
OnMusic for Special Learners: 978-0-9677747-1-8
OnMusic Rock, Second Edition: 978-0-9911409-0-9

These ISBN #s are for our courses entirely hosted on Blackboard:

OnMusic Appreciation, Standard for Blackboard: 978-0-9677747-9-4
OnMusic Appreciation, Extended for Blackboard: 978-0-9839707-0-5
OnMusic Jazz for Blackboard: 978-0-9839707-4-3
OnMusic of the World for Blackboard: 978-0-9911409-8-5

Connect for Education Online Store

You may also purchase your Access Code directly from Connect for Education. Visit our online store at:

Step 1 >> Select the Access Code you need from the navigation on the left-hand side:

Online store view

Step 2 >> Add the Access Code to your cart:

Add item to cart

Step 3 >> You will be prompted to either Agree or Decline to the Terms & Conditions before you can proceed further. Please read this and understand our Returns policy. You cannot continue with the purchase unless you Agree to these Terms & Conditions:

Agree to the Terms and Conditions

Step 4 >> To complete your Shipping and Billing information, click Checkout Now:

Click Checkout to fill in your Shipping and Billing information and complete the order

Step 5 >> You will receive your Access Code on the Confirmation Screen after the payment has been received, and it will also be emailed to you. If you do not see the email, make sure you check your Spam / Junk Mail folders. If you cannot find the Access Code you purchased, please call Orders at 703.880.1180 ext. 111 for further assistance.

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