Tips For Success

Manage Your Time Wisely

Your Connect for Education online course, just like a face-to-face course at your college or university, is your responsibility to attend. While online courses offer flexibility and are generally self-paced, they require self-discipline and good time management.

We understand that it's easy to put off the coursework for various reasons (i.e. finances, family emergencies, procrastination, etc.), however, students often regret this when the end of the semester draws near. Save yourself the stress and develop a plan of action to complete your course on time!

  • Plan ahead!. Allow sufficient time to purchase and register your access code to ensure you are able to begin coursework when your course begins. Not allowing suffificent time can result in you being unable to register your code or you missing deadlines for assigned coursework.

  • Check your Computer Setup before you start your course. Make sure you can hear the audio pieces. If you run into trouble, contact Support for assistance early.

  • Manage your time wisely! Take a few minutes in the beginning of the semester to schedule when you'll "attend" your online course. You can program alerts and reminders into your personal calendar (i.e. via your cell phone, tablet, computer, or email account) to ensure you do not fall behind.

  • Communicate with your instructor. If you require special accommodations, have a family emergency, financial difficulties, or other matters that may delay your progress with the course, let him/her know as early as possible.

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